Complex processing in the context of syntactical and semantical analysis of textual phrases including sophisticated valuation criteria makes it easy for the user to quickly find relevant information. Researching in CAMbase therefore does not premise the knowledge of classical retrieval-technology (Boolean Operators or Truncations) and enables also outsiders to work with CAMbase.

The userís input is interpreted syntactically and semantically by a compiled declarative grammar and is processed in an a way not losing the recognized syntactical-semantical connections by a reduction to Boolean operators. Compared to the output of traditional retrieval systems, query results generated in this way tend to fit better with the original search query. Additionally the results are structured hierarchical in a user-friendly way

Adding phonetic components, unprezise search queries can lead to successful results even as good as the original. Also, vague pronounciations of technical terms or typographic errors are catched and processed with a sufficient quality of results

In total: On that basis, CAMbase guarantees a user-friendly search platform and results of a high quality.